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William Blanchy


A few lines about me

As you could see, my name is William Blanchy. I was born the 21st November in 1997. I spent my childhood in a little village called Ostemerée. Afterwards, I studied graphic design in Namur.

My friends think I am kind, resourceful and sociable. And I would add that I am adaptative and a great teamworker. But i’m also a bit lazy and obstinate, it’s difficult to change my mind, you’ll need strong arguments.

I’m currently doing an internship in webdesign at Embie in Brussels.

My different passions are meeting new people and sharing our knowledge, playing boardgames and videogames with friends, watching movies and TV shows, playing football and travelling all around the world to discover beautiful landscapes and cultures. As you can see I really love quotes, that inspires me a lot.

“It's not how much time you have, it's how you use it.”

— Ekko, League of Legends

My different projects

Space Tour




Capsules Phabet


With 5 extraordinary people, we had to create an educational, interactive and fun module for kids. We chose the theme of space and gravity. What an awesome project.

Space Tour Project
See The Project

A project I created with 3 friends at the beginning of the COVID-19 confinement. We had to show data in an original and interactive way.
Clash of Movies compares the insults between 2 movies you select. Check it out!

Dataplay Project
See The Project

The goal of this one was to open up my mind and upgrade my creativity. I had to create an original alphabet with photos. So if you like alcohol and art, check this one!

Capsules Phabet Project
See The Project